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Candice Evans

Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate (RCT-C20-011) with

the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists


Master of Education in Counselling, Acadia University (2017)

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology, minor in Religious Studies, Saint Mary's University (2010)

Member of The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, membership number 10002861

                                               "As soon as you trust yourself you will know how to live."

                                                                   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How Does Counselling Work?

Life is complicated. Counselling helps. In therapy we get to process the uncomfortable emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, fear, confusion, grief, helplessness and hopelessness that come along in life. Everyone is in a constant state of development in their lives, when you go to counselling you embrace that reality and as a result you grow and heal emotionally. I teach clients how to work with their thinking habits; through our work they learn to think about they way in which they are thinking (this is called metacognition). I work from a predominately cognitive standpoint, which means that I work with people on the way that they are thinking about things.

In counselling client's set goals, they learn relaxation techniques, thought changing maneuvers, they gain insight, and increase their self-esteem, heal from the past and to let go of what is no longer serving them. 

We all struggle from time to time it is a natural part of life, difficult things happen, hard times come for all of us. Through the process of therapy clients learn to thrive in their lives not despite turmoil but because of it. Marcus Aurelius once said, "what stands in the way becomes the way." Let me walk with you through your trial until you triumph.

Continuing Education

July 2020

Intensive Cognitive Therapy Training 

December 2021

Demystifying Personality Disorders: Clinical Skills for Working with Drama and Manipulation

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